The Path of the Unwritten.

The Irreplacable Glamour

Yesterday, I was one of four people capable of saving the world. Today, I have been waist deep in the city’s sewers, with rats, lumps of jelly, and wererats trying to kill me.

It’s glamorous, this adventuring thing.

Anyway, not a lot happened today. We found out about these assassins, though, which is good. And I found some nice shoes. We’re off to tell the Abbott about it tomorrow, but he’s not being ordinated for another five days, so I am not sure what he’s going to be able to tell us. And I have no idea what to do next.

Changing times , unsettling developments

I’ve slept since the start of these events but my rest has not been an easy one , I am troubled by dreams of time escaping me , rooms caving in and echoes in the darkness. I wonder to myself as I write this whether or not I will be able to make right the wrongs that have set us on this path.

We were summoned to a temple , to the aid of a dying abbot. Through investigation and combat we managed to get him stable enough to talk to us about his prophecy , a world ending prophecy as they usually tend to be. My own priests were sceptical to it , the ramblings of an old mad man , but i am not so sure. If my people were correct in the first place this might be the quest that i am looking for the Quest that leads to the rebuilding of the Dragonborn’s oath to glory.

My companions are not without their uses and I can respect their knowledge and abilities, but they all seem so young and naive to the world, Even the halfling who’s life has undoubtedly not been pleasant seems blasé in the face of what could be the last and most glorious battle of his life. Perhaps it is the way of his kind , but i worry I lead them into something they are not quite prepared for.

I will do my best to protect my companions and steady their hands , bring them to the honor our names deserve.

So far, so good...

Ok, this sucks. I’ve only known these people for a day, and already we’re mankind’s only hope. I mean, it’s great that mankind has a chance and all, I just sort of wish that it wasn’t me.

Oh well.

Today was interesting. We went out to some ruins in a huge clearing, which were all covered in glass. Got attacked by a bunch of beetles and kobolds and stuff that looked like what you would get if DragonJesus mated with… well, with anything. I guess she’s celibate. Still, we did what we had to do, rescued the elf’s daughter, and then got given the stone for that guy. It seemed to do the trick— he woke up, told us we had to save the world, and then died. I’m not sure if that’s what we were hoping for or not.

So yeah, day one- dying old guy is now dead, which might be a good thing; father and daughter reunited, which is definitely a good thing; and we are mankind’s only hope. I’m reserving my judgement on that one for now.

I need to lie down.



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