The Path of the Unwritten.

So far, so good...

Ok, this sucks. I’ve only known these people for a day, and already we’re mankind’s only hope. I mean, it’s great that mankind has a chance and all, I just sort of wish that it wasn’t me.

Oh well.

Today was interesting. We went out to some ruins in a huge clearing, which were all covered in glass. Got attacked by a bunch of beetles and kobolds and stuff that looked like what you would get if DragonJesus mated with… well, with anything. I guess she’s celibate. Still, we did what we had to do, rescued the elf’s daughter, and then got given the stone for that guy. It seemed to do the trick— he woke up, told us we had to save the world, and then died. I’m not sure if that’s what we were hoping for or not.

So yeah, day one- dying old guy is now dead, which might be a good thing; father and daughter reunited, which is definitely a good thing; and we are mankind’s only hope. I’m reserving my judgement on that one for now.

I need to lie down.



thecarrot HellboundHarlequin

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