The city of Telsca is a large, walled city which straddles the main trade road between the Metal-clad fortress town of Bordessa to the North-East and the coastal city of Kayrnest to the South-West. It sits on the Northern border of what is loosely-termed the Civilised Land, around 6 days travel on horseback from the sea to the South.
Unusually, Telsca is not surrounded by farmland, as the city relies almost entirely on trade for its sustinance.

Telsca has a permanant population in the region of 18,000 souls, but due to its position along such a prominant (and relatively safe) road, the number of souls in the city at any one tme is usually closer to 21,000. Many of these transients, like many of the permanent residents, are merchants, looking to buy, sell, or transport their cargo and wares.

Lacking a single figurehead leader, Telsca instead relies on a council of guild leaders, minor nobles and City dignatories to govern itself. Many assert that this is the reason for the enduring peace within the city, as the large and cumbursome council system makes it almost impossible for a single individual to assert enough political power to challenge the status quo.
The main council ‘factions’, if such a word can be applied, are the Temple councillors, the Guild councillors, and the Noble councillors. Minor guild leaders and aristocrats tend to rally to one side or another to sway votes, but their backing is usually fleeting.
The current chairperson of the council is the Head of the Wagonmasters Guild, a Tiefling Matron known as Madame Florish.

Telsca has a prominant City Guard to maintain general law-and-order, but a relatively small standing army for a city of its size. If threatened or beseiged, Telsca would have to rely almost entirely on aid from Bordessa and Kayrnest.

A prominant trading hub, Telsca enjoys an abundance of almost any item or commodity that one could need. Due to the relative safety of the patrolled trade road, Telsca also enjoys relatively free trade. Although the Wagonmasters Guild has a strong presence in the city, many unassociated tradering houses and even family businesses can be found here.

All of the Major Gods have a temple within the city walls, with several minor dieties also holding small temples or shrines. Somewhat unusually, the temples are not grouped together in a single district, but rather spread out across the city. Each temple has a representative on the city council and a large assortment of priests, scholars and historians.
In terms of guilds, the Wagonmasters Guild is one of the largest, though despite their constant lobbying of the council they operate under stricter guidelines than in other places, forcing them to allow competition.
Other notable guilds in the city include:

Places within Telsca:


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